Saturday, 26 April 2008

Update on activities - new ways of spending?

Well since I posted last I have become an eBay user. This is not a good thing really. It's just a whole new way for me to shop and possibly purchase items that maybe I need (and maybe not.) All I can say is that in a week, I have found and bought a new widget to replace Georgie the PDA - now 4 years old and slow, slow, slow (files are so big these days). I also seem to have acquired a few old knitting mags - some more interesting than others - as well as some sock yarn for my sock warrior stint in Sock Wars III (I will triumph! Doom to all who stand in my way.)
There's all manner of crap out there that people expect to get paid for. Oh but wait! I can do this too and I found myself looking around the room 5 minutes ago thinking of things I could list for sale - clothes (who needs them?), ironing board (certainly don't use that), vacuum cleaner (totally overrated cleaning).
We also have all these bikes, 7 in total. Perry does use a range of them but really... I have a 'flat bar' and a weighsatonandIcan'tmoveit mountain bike. The rest are his. Two mountain bikes, a flat bar and a few extraneous road racers. He has one set up on a trainer in the back room to keep fit when it rains (see the pic of our indoor road warrior). Surely I could just pop one of those on eBay, make a bit of cash and support not only my yarn habit but my newly discovered eBay shopping addiction. Easy peasy! Hmm, he may notice though must be careful and use stealth... I shall work on this and get back to you all soon with my results.
So says Sockittome, Sock Warrior extraordinaire!!

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Expressing my Inner Sock Warrior

OK I think I may be in too deep now. I registered today for Sock Wars III as the warrior Sockittome having only ever knitted one pair of socks before. Yes they were lace and had a picot edge cuff - I wasn't after the easy option here - but they did take a significant amount of time I recall. Don't know how much but I do remember being fascinated when I got to the heel. I had listened to those who had "socked" before me -"Just follow the pattern and it will just work," they said. I went for a Sunday afternoon walk - too late for a sit down coffee at Avenue Nine - I had to take it away and sit on the wall near the civic centre where I TURNED MY FIRST HEEL. A thing of wonder! I remember looking at it and thinking WOW, it does work. When I read the pattern, something I almost never do, I couldn't figure out how it would, but it did.

Moving on - I read something about sock wars somewhere, then last weekend a full page in one of those glossy American knitting mags and I thought there's a challenge. Never one to take the easy route (I shall probably be gunned down as I cast on my first stitch) I shall just take it as it comes.
The whole thing is playing havoc with the cats though. Oskar doesn't know what to do and will probably just sleep off the whole thing whereas Lucy......I don't know where it will end. Stay tuned.