Sunday, 7 October 2012

Survival post car destash

Well it seems like it's been ages since I saw the back end of Gertie and I seem to have coped so far.  I'm probably walking to the train a little more - not a bad thing - and BikeBoy's Great White Commodore has been driven more than it would have been.  Not sure on the GWC.  The seat is not easy to adjust.  The seat belt tries to strangle me and it has no downward adjustment like Gertie's did.  The steering wheel is fatter and I think my hands would hurt if I drove it for a long trip.  It's also that much bigger and I have to try and come to grips with that - bull bar on the front not so bad but it's wider and soooo much longer.  Parking can be a bit scary!
Anyway all that aside, we are 'motoring on' with projects and I am pleased to report that the house painting is complete.  The painter is coming back tomorrow however because the cream trim around the windows and doors has gone to WHITE!  I thought it was undercoat when I got home on Friday but no, that was the finished colour.  Don't think he was happy that we want it fixed but he is fixing it.  Overall, I can recommend this guy.  The work is good and the workers are prompt to the point of extreme - they were here working on the Monday public holiday last week at 7am, OMG!
Picked up all the Royal Show projects today and spent a lovely afternoon with mum wandering around the Claremont Quarter, lunch at Atomic (love their Pumpkin Salad!) and afternoon tea at Koko Black.  The Royal Show commentary was as expected.  I need to back off the spin on the handspun - too twisty and too hard.  Apart from that, all as expected plus I get to wear the prize-winning hat, woo hoo!
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Monday, 1 October 2012

So long since I posted

Where to start?  Done the whole Paris and London thing and was so totally caught up in the time away and lack of quality wifi that all my good intentions went straight down the toilet.  C'est la vie!  To sum it all up though, we had so much fun I'd do it all again in a heartbeat.  There was crapiness, yes.  But also much sunshine and cycling and shopping and knitting and making of new friends. 
So much more on the positive side was it, that my beloved has requested that we do it all again for our twentieth anniversary next January.  Just the Paris bit you understand.  He never did get London and we didn't really leave the city so I have yet to acquaint him with England's charms.
Herein lies the rub my friends!  I must lose a substantial amount of baggage that has accumulated around my backside so that I can shimmy along with all those lovely Parisian girls and not look out of place.  Where to start?  I suspect that I have accumulated ALL THE THINGZ as everywhere I look is "overweight" in it's own inimitable way. 
I sold my gorgeous Gertie car.  At 15 years plus, she was going to need some serious work at some stage in the no too distant future however she still started first time (when I ran her enough that her battery charged) and there was no visible rust or smoke coming from her.  It was a wrench but two cars we don't need Chez Harrow so we are stuck with the Great White now.  RIP Gertie, sob!

I'm doing OK - more walking and I have been out on Christmas a few times now - not yet at the stage where the bum doesn't hurt though.  I need to do some riding to and/or from work to get started with the weight losing thing.  Anyhoo, thought I would resurrect this and keep some sort of a record.  Maybe I'll even post some of the gorgeous pictures from France to keep the mood going....stay tuned!