Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Moving on with the UFO's

In a radical move, I am trying to actually finish a few things so that I can (you guessed it) start some more. With the hot weather kicking in this week (up to 35 degrees Celsius already!!), I feel the need for some tank tops or cotton bags rather than thick scarves and fingerless gloves (still going on the Tofutsies sockettes though.)
I also have several pieces outstanding from the Ravelry Mission Possible 2008 including the cobweb cardi (now in the final ribbing stages), the lace cardi (still untouched), the crocheted shawl/shrug and some fingerless gloves still not cast on. I'm sure there was a fifth item but can't recall what that was....oh! That's right! It was my Alex Jacket by Debbie Bliss but I've actually finished that one. Phew! So only four to go and only one not yet started. It will be cool again this weekend so perhaps I can cast that on then.

My stint in Hat Attack 2! for those who are dying to find out, lasted less than I had hoped. I knitted; I killed and was in turn, killed (see pics for Lucy posing as Death Hat model). Less than a week elapsed in fact – disappointing considering my long turn with Sock Wars III. I always considered that Hat Attack 2! would be a bit “flash in the pan” in comparison though, hats being relatively quick to knit. The quickest of the designated weapons was made in 4 hours I believe. That person really needs to get a life!

To bring everyone up to date, The Big Green Hat, my Icarus Shawl and my Lavender Lace socks were entered in this year’s Perth Royal Show. The Knitting Nanas who shall judge us all have decreed that the Icarus was a prizewinner and blue ribboned it (loud cheering and clapping…takes bow!). The BGH unfortunately achieved only a highly commended and looked very forlorn draped inartistically behind some jumper and a nothing sort of ‘scarfy’ thing.

The socks were a devastating disaster for me however. The Nanas obviously had no idea how to display socks and my beautiful stripy masterpieces were stuffed and poked into a corner. How the mighty are fallen!

Not so bad though. The Knitting Nanas did take me up on last year's suggestion to give feedback on their marking. I expressed a belief that to improve you must get some critique on your work. It certainly isn't the prizes I entered for (nice though the accolades are but you basically only receive a money back offer for first or second), it’s the potential to see where I’ve gone wrong and fix it next time. The critique and suggestions were reasonable but perhaps not what I had hoped for.

C'est la guerre! There's always next year for my ultimate triumph!! Keep tuned for the next exciting installment...................