Friday, 26 December 2008

Are PDA's worth all the fuss and maintenance??

Been a while since I wrote anything here but I've not been slacking I assure you all. No indeed I've been busy with work, Christmas stuff (Merry Christmas to you all) and with GT the dreaded PDA-time-sucking-devil-in-disguise. The whole point of these (wonderful??) devices is that they become your life in a widget. All your contacts, files, knitting patterns, web stuff, mail and God knows whatever else. Until they go bad that is!
GT has spat it big time. He won't talk to any computers and ActiveStink (aka Microsoft ActiveSync) isn't helping at all. Hasn't worked for around a month in any feed style. As a consequence I have deleted his hard drive and installed a new operating system but still nothing. AS spins but doesn't synchronise and no reasons are given for this. You just have to wear it. Because I have a new operating system, I can't now reinstall an old backup (tried it!) as the phone refuses to work then and that's fairly pointless - a PDA/phone without the phone bit - riiiight! So I have the phone but no contacts so I have to remember the numbers but hey, that's why I got the PDA so I don't have to do that. Doh! Think I'm over it all and have pretty much decided it's time for a new phone. Technology, who needs it! Anyone want to buy a slightly abused O2 Flame?

On the knitting front, things are doing OK. Finally finished my crocheted shrug/shawl and almost done with Landon too so took the Christmas opportunity to cast on something new - the Janet Lace Shawl. Also wanting to play with my drop spindle but need some time alone with it to really work out how this will happen. Stay tuned......

Finally back to bicycles - my Cateye has clicked over 3500 kilometres which I am assured is over 2000 miles total since I got the CX2. Worked down at the hospital on Christmas Eve and rode home with tinsel on the handle bars. Amazingly only one or two people bothered to comment and offer Season's Greetings. The place really IS going to the dogs.

Merry Christmas folks and a glorious and prosperous New Year to you all!