Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Back to work with me!

Well I have returned to work after a two week hiatus during which time I spent just over a week in Melbourne. I did NOT take Georgie with me but chose to rely on Griselda to see how she performed. I have to report that she did exceptionally well. I can actually hear people on the phone now - always a positive - and her alarms and other features have worked without a hiccough so far. The bookmark thing I'm still not on top of but they are at least synchronising with Ernest the netbook so are easily replaced if they fall off.
Knitting-wise - I suffered a bout of castonitis prior to travelling and cast on my Revontuli shawl - now finished - as well as a jumper in 2ply laceweight - Wollmeise at that! It is coming along famously and I have to be careful that my other projects continue to progress and that I don't start being an exclusive knitter on this. The yarn is truly gorgeous and keeps surprising me with the range and intensity of colour.
I was able to catch up with two friends and my cousin on separate days when I was first in Melbourne and before all the Pharmacy related things revved up. Preconference seminar, two-day conference, post conference meeting and a board meeting to round out my time before flying home for four days off.
I have to add that the four days off were when the temperature in Perth maxed out totally, peaking at 39 degrees with humidity on the Thursday. Very unhappy was I. Plans I made just couldn't be handled in this weather.
Still it cooled sufficiently for me to cycle in the Great Santos Bike Ride on Sunday 21st. In fact we had all weather that day - sun, cloud, wind, more wind and even some rain. I finished my fourth 53km ride in 2 hours 11 minutes and (apparently) 16 seconds.
More soon readers (or is that reader?)