Saturday, 17 May 2008

A Sock Wars Followup

...And in posting my pair of Detonator socks this morning, I was met by a severe lack of humour on the part of Australia Post. The lady behind the counter was very unsure about whether I could have the words "War" and/or "Detonator" on the outside of my parcel and pretty much insisted they be blanked out. Understand that the parcel was open so she could see the socks, feel them if she wanted to in fact. I scribbled the offending words off but am unsure now whether the parcel will actually go anyway.

Liberty, bless her, responded to my "Bang Bang you're dead!" e-mail with an air of resignation. She asked whether she should continue knitting or just send me the socks. Given that I don't know whether I shall be alive when she gets my socks, I told her to keep going. I now live in fear of the postman!!!

To be continued.......

Too long between posts - of alpacas, Sock Wars and bicycles.

Too much has happened since I wrote last - riding the bike back from Mandurah to Perth - didn't quite make that one but did get as far as Cockburn Central train station and achieved over 75km for the day in bigger blocks than I had ridden before.

Went with Mt Lawley SnB girls to see alpacas at Whiteman Farm again. Vicki & I rode there - Vicki with a flat tyre handicap start that turned into a flat tyre handicap finish. Two different bikes as well. Who'd a thought? We had to be rescued by the Knight on his White Commodore as the new tube we pain stakingly inflated and checked, refused to come to the party and do it's bike-ly duty once inside the tyre.

The 'pacas were good though but the best part was that f.a.b. fashion parade (see above) with those oh so stylish newbie recruits - wasn't that bloke fantastic girls?? Lunch also excellent and pretty much falling out of the bun. Coffee rated 2* out of a possible 10 though - not to be recommended! Overall a good day for 'pacas and a bad day for credit cards as books, suri alpaca and silk laceweight, as well as sweets and various childish wind-up toys went home with us to amuse all at the next Knit 'n' Bitch session.

I purchased the abovementioned yarn in two colourways in the end as I have become involved in a couple of Ravelry swaps - the purple - my first and perhaps not the best and the Good Karma/Guilty Pleasures for whom the yarn was purchased. The latter resulted in a stash enhancing two skeins of angora/cormo blend fingering weight yarn as well as numerous yummy items including a one pound box of Oreos - quite nice with ice cream we discovered here at Chez Harrow.

Also getting into the swing with this years Sock Wars and the debate around whether the Detonator has an 8 or 9 stitch pattern repeat - Exomod straw poll says 8. In any case at this writing I still live (cheers echo through the crowd) and my socks are done and free to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting Liberty - feel free to drop her a line in her demise on my behalf (SockItToMe! - Mwah ha ha ha ha ha! ) My socks were possibly not the finest in the land but they weren't a shabby pair either even if I did make them myself. They are at least in the required Tofutsies. Check them out and see for yourself. I say good but I await Liberty's assessment on this. I suspect they will be the droopy lay about socks that they started out to be and stay a comfy indoor sock variety rather than the stiff upper lip sort that will go out walking and wear hiking boots.