Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Melbourne in February

Nice to be back in Perth after spending a couple of days at meetings in Melbourne. The weekend starts with a 6am flight and rollaboard suitcase for fast getaway and maximum use of shopping time. This creates issues as knitting - not allowed, nail grooming implements - not allowed, Swiss army knife with handy scissors, corkscrew, knife (of course) and assorted other useful items - not allowed!

I have discoved that bamboo doesn't appear to appear on the X-ray scanners though - or they don't pick up on what it is. For whatever reason, I can usually sneak a small project through for the day or so I'm away so that I don't suffer major withdrawal. The alternative - going to the Wool Baa or Cleggs and purchasing a new project and yet another set of 4mm needles (or circular) doesn't bear thinking about. I still visit these places when I can but don't feel as compelled to create knitting related opportunities.

Saturday afternoon shopping - Mimco Aisle store on Bridge Road a regular favourite. This time yielding a nice necklace, a current season's scarf at markdown that was used plus other assorted bits and bobs and Jazzy's gold shopper. Other stores to suffer under my scrutiny were Country Road and Ojay. Things required were a jumper (it was consistently 20 degrees or below and me a freezebug), a long sleeved T and a black cropped suit jacket - marked from $249 to $42. How could I say no?

Sunday and Monday full day meetings with flight home on Monday night and this is where it all went wrong. The fire alarms went off at 1.30am and I'm on the 9th floor - meeting at 8.30am remember! Missed "Robin Hood" and half of "Grey's" and forgot to remind husband to tape "Housewives". Could have done that while Qantas had us sitting on the tarmac for half an hour or so prior to take-off. Then the whole Perth airport experience - for a change my suitcase - checked in this time due to purchase of sharp objects - came off almost first. Queue for taxis and any other transport unthinkable so walking with luggage that was shopping and meeting enhanced, met HMV on the city side of the Brearly Avenue roundabout. Much easier if only the losers in 4WD didn't scare people by speeding so much.

End result of weekend from a knitting perspective - cast-on an odd-ball of maroon wool/silk to try and make the beanie seen in DJ's the previous week (see below for original) - it's working quite nicely thanks. Some lace weight joined the throng for yet another shawl. Long weekend next one so lots of knitting time - I hope - it is Labour Day after all!

Thursday, 21 February 2008

Bears are taking over my house!

The above said frequently by "'im indoors" when traversing said house from front door to rear. The only rooms uninhabited by bears are the bathroom (that's the one with the bath) and the bog or dunny (that's the one our US friends know as the bathroom). I suspect the only reason for this is that the bears usually s**t in the woods and have other more environmentally friendly ways of making themselves smell better in a beary kind of way. Who knows? I've just never seen them in there.

They do however like to hang around the craft areas and tie my knitting yarns in knots. They are constantly hiding my favourite circulars in strange and unusual places too. I shall take the furry devils in hand and deal with some of their more troublesome habits. I am threatening - somewhat unsuccessfully - to thin their numbers however they still multiply, seemingly overnight. Any suggestions for curtailing these nocturnal activities can be addressed here. Their leader, one GWB (the Great White as he is also known) appears to be the ringleader and I am attempting to cultivate his aquaintance. Stay tuned!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

The KnitTrainExtravaganza

The Exomod Knitter's went for their very first KnitTrainExtravaganza today. And what a day it was. Much yarn (and fabric) was fondled and returned only to be glanced at and taken to the the lovely check out ladies of the day who were only too delighted to relieve their crecit cards of the required $$. Many of us stated that this was the final stash enhancement of the year (well, perhaps just the season? Whatever!) That remains to be seen.
The day commenced at 10am in Brew Ha in Subiaco with coffee and proceeded apace to Crossways. Following this, yarn was seen to be taken to an underground carpark out the back of Roberts Road - this does not bode well! We think an illegal yarn trade is commencing and IT WILL BE POLICED!
After a short train ride, Calico and Ivy was attacked with vigour and, despite the season and more hot and sticky weather still to come, a quilt left the premises firmly gripped in a knitter's hands. More yarn also escaped its shop-based captivity and the Knitter's went on to Fremantle and a well earned lunch at The Mill on Norfolk.
Yarns on Collie were the last in a line of LYS that received the brunt of furious shopping by the group who were last seen retreating to the safety of the Sail & Anchor for a cold drink and a quiet reflection on their day. Further expeditions of this type may be planned and yarn shop owners should be warned ahead that these frenzied purchasers of all things woolly are not to be stopped by mere dodgy price labels or the lack thereof!

Friday, 15 February 2008

Ravelry has me in its spell!

It appears I have a problem which I had all along but had never quite quantified. Knitting books are taking over my life along with yarn, needles, crochet hooks and other extraneous knitting (and crochet) paraphenalia. You only have to visit my workbook on Ravelry to see the evidence. It is, in some ways, sad. And yet, I am not concerned as I have always enjoyed knitting it has just gone a bit "full steam ahead" of late. If nothing else, I have identified some projects to finish and some that should never have started (and will never be seen other than by me, you fools!)

I'm gradually getting the hand of the web thing - not being quite of the blog generation it takes some time. Oskar thinks it's all a bit ho hum and wanted to assist me in photographing my soon to be finished 10 year old UFO - but you get that. He's the yarn cat and Lucy is the (straight) knitting needles cat - she can watch and pat the ends all day!
I will have to be careful now I have Ravelry access that the cats and computer don't totally eat my time though. I could end up being a knitter who only ever talks about knitting and never again knits - a common problem I think!