Monday, 28 January 2008

The start of something bloggy (rhymes with soggy!)

2008 - new year with new challenges. Number 1 identify and at least quantify number of UFOs contained in house - serious issue as this brings in bears, cross stitch, knitting, crochet and I think there's a tapestry or two around as well.

Number 2 accept that I have issues and stop hiding UFOs to pretend they don't exist. Let's face it, they've either got to be finished, restarted as something else or binned as failures (Type A personalities don't have failures though - problem here!)

Just for starters - blog name involves two cats to whom (they are furkids after all) I am allergic - why ever not be? I have a grass allergy as well - always good in a place where prevailing winds blow lots of grass pollen around. Oskar and Lucy (Lucy is the stripey one) are the fur part and the ruffles - apparently EVERYTHING I knit/crochet has them. I have yet to be convinced though so in the spirit of friendly rivalry (Monty Python ref) will go with this for the time being.

Am commencing UFO cull by trying to complete a top, the pattern for which was published in ANNA in 1998. Not allowed to cast on new socks until at least this one is finished. One and a half sleeves to go. Have however completed the Icarus shawl and am hoping to post a picture (not a very good one albeit) with this but as this is my very first attempt at blogging (NY res) so don't hold your breath.

Also set for completion in the next week or two - Rowan membership scarf/shawly thing and cashmere double-sided lace scarfy thing. Watch this space.......

Ciao f'now!

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