Saturday, 15 March 2008

An update - the yarn stash in reality

Joining Ravelry has been a bit of an eye opener in that I'm starting to put more and more of those knitting related bits onto the site as I stumble on them and it's looking scary. Starting to wonder if I shouldn't be a LYS instead of visiting them so often. Then of course I look around at a few other profiles and realise I'm not as bad as some (still not good though).
I have discovered for instance that I used to have a love affair with really bad 80's patterns (in crochet!!) That one got an almost immediate frog treatment which just leaves me with a pile of 5ply acrylic with no home (read project).

Recently decided that the arthritis in my fingers had stopped aching for a bit so I should inflict pain by slamming my finger between a metal door handle and a tiled wall. Do you know that hurts an awful lot! I can't bend my finger because I've split the skin across the knuckle and it's just not healing well (middle finger, right hand - yes I'm right-handed!) On the good side - I can't do much in the way of washing dishes as I have to cover it. I've never done good dishes wearing rubber gloves. Bad side - showering with a plastic bag on your hand.
I can still knit as I don't seem to engage that finger so much. I only have to bend it slightly to knit and this is a good thing. Typing this is an issue as I can't use that finger. I never thought I did but now realise that I had actually learned to use more than just my index finger. Bugger!


spider_knit said...

You have a blog! Yay for you !

Added to my feedreader :)

Furry with Ruffles said...

Yes! Not very good as still quite new to all this. Forgot to put the pics up yesterday and have added another today.