Wednesday, 4 June 2008

I'm a survivor!!

As of this afternoon, I (or should I say) Sockittome! am one of 41% (474) remaining Sock Warriors in Sock Wars III - tale of The Detonator. And I have killed! There is blood on my needles. Liberty forwarded her socks of doom to me and I received these with Tuesday's post and am working my way through another Detonator-type situation. I feel that I know this pattern now. Doesn't make it any easier when you're tired to count those shifting rows when you forgot which pattern repeat you were up to but there you go! Stay tuned for regular updates. I fear as my first Sock War, death cannot be too far away however at least two above me (my assassin and my grand-assassin are already kaput so I have some breathing space I think. That postman just keeps coming though. Any day now.......

On a positive note, I have also enabled the New Widget, hereafter known as Georgie-Too or GT. GT is a replacement for the four-year-old Georgie my first PDA-phone. GT (admit you were waiting for this), goes faster but there are no stripes - that was my Top Gear-type reference in case you didn't spot it. Because of GTs bursts of speed, he seems to have a habit of going to sleep at inappropriate moments. Don't get me wrong, GT can work in his sleep but it is a little disconcerting to be doing something and the screen goes black. Pretty freaky the first time actually! Getting a bit used to it now.

When setting up the Widget I have always found that the putting on of the programmes is the tricky bit. Then comes the keeping them all running in a harmonious and central processor sharing kinda way so that you can use what you want when you like. With Georgie, I had issues at the start until we developed a good working relationship. I would load on all that useful info (like phone numbers and contact details and documents I needed), travel somewhere (like Sydney) and Georgie would promptly drop his bundle along with any useful information. This effectively meant that instead of Georgie the PDA-phone, I had Georgie the handbag weight. Hoping that apart from the sleepy time thing that GT doesn't give me the same issues because GT is easier to travel with. Less cables and other extraneous paraphernalia to keep him full of juice. With Georgie, I had to take the adaptor and the charging cable plus another cable if he wanted to chat with any of his computer friends. GT only requires one cable (same one as the MP3 player I already have) and that will do it all - no adaptor required. So for the price of two Widgets, I need one cable and a plug (or a friendly computer to sap the charge from!)
Stay tuned for the story of GT and his travels (will he respect Georgie too much not to do the same?) and the tale of Sockittome! and her death-defying project skills.....

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