Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Le Tour et Cadel

Well who would have thought - only 1 second - and injured as well! I know I'm supposed to be on Team Credit Agricole (go Thor!) but my heart remains with Cadel. I winced as the docs treated his wounds while he cycled and watched keenly as he pedaled last night (Western Australian time). Kinda glad there's a rest day today as I need a break from the excitement, Cadel needs the R&R and I need an alternative to K2P2 ribbing.
Speaking of the TdF KAL, the Bellini (aka Bon Chance) moves on apace and I have almost (well two-thirds of the way anyway) done the ribbing on both fronts as well as the back. I decided that if the riders were doing lots of climbing, I should stick with the evil stuff and get it out of the way. I can always save the button bands (groan!) and the sewing up (yuk!) for the Alpine section. Quite pleased with the way the colour is developing for the front having noted in Ravelry that one knitter bought a whole extra ball to match hers. I thought part of the fun with Noro yarn was watching to see the colours change. One front is going from purple to green and the other from purple to charcoal before going green. The sleeves are kind of staggered and the back has a charcoal band in amongst the lime green ribbing before going purple. Love it! It's going to look great with black stuff (tick!) and jeans (double tick!)
You're probably all wanting to see more pictures but you will all have to wait until next weekend and the Alps for further glimpses of Bon Chance (or keep an eye on my Ravelry project page JIC!!)
A la retour mes amis!

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