Friday, 14 August 2009

Slacker I am... Yoda might put it. Can't believe I've put no updates here since - OMG May!!! Dear Bloggosphere you have missed THE EVENT of this annum - The Centenary Celebration itself - the celebration of his and mine half century type-y thing birthday stuff. Yeah!

It happened. Then it was over. Gah! There was a dinner on July 25th with all our favourite people in attendance and everyone was sooo wonderful, good time had by all 'n' stuff. We did dips and wine and food and food and wine and cake and wine and then had to rush home so that Perry could watch the second last stage of the Tour de France. It was to have been the penultimate - big climb - separates men from boys, etc, etc. In a word, fizzer. The guys who should have triumphed didn't and everyone else just, well, finished as you might expect, sigh! We won't discuss Cadel here...

The week before on July 17th, I had a day off for my actual birthday - collected Nanna from his possie outside Midland Spotties and under intructions, went to yarn spot at Dormani wearing my best Doc Marten boots. Lunch followed at Coode Street with Mum and various Exomodians (do they not work??), much chocolate, occasional knitting, flowers too and bubbly.

Also a BBQ at a local park on July 26th giving Perry a chance to show off the towing power of the new birthday touring bike. Loaded up with the snaggers, buns, sauces, nibblies, wine, oil, utensils, and all manner of BBQ requirements, we had everything prepared but were nearly defeated by a total lack of understanding of - the PUBLIC BBQ!

RULE number 1: You must push the 'GO' button once every 3 to 5 minutes in order to maintain a flame to keep the gas alight.
RULE number 2: See rule number 1.

We had pretty much considered sending out for wood to build our own fire by the time we worked this one out folks. But when it lit - well - the whole top of the thing was toasty. Literally! Our snagger rolls were toasted and we had to move all wine and glasses to avoid the mulled wine effect that too much heat may have given.

Although rain threatened, it was an empty threat and a good time was had by all. Once again there were recurring themes of yarn (spoken and knitted), chocolate, wine, food, yarn, wine, food and knitting. The DrsBruce joined the fray bringing the three babiesBruce who conveniently evaded all attempts at photographs. Young Rosie who accompanied Nanna Pete spent some quality dog time being fussed over and petted by many caring knitterly folks during the afternoon and was keen to do the same Monday morning rather than let Peter go to work (all together now..ahhhh!).

BabyConvict was oohed and ahhhed over by all and sundry after his care was taken over by Nana Ruth for a time.

Since then things have been basically work and knitting - more or less in that order. Too wet to cycle much, I have reintroduced myself to the rigours of public transport with the occasional car ride to work. the work project is live at our first site with much effort being expended to get the next and largest site live at the end of this month - GASP! As I have been with this project since 2007, this is almost the icing on the cake for me - actually seeing some results. But there is much work still to come with a punishing schedule required to bring all public hospitals onto the system by this time next year.

In between times I knit for sanity although I'm knitting for Royal Show entries at the moment. Shan't be stressing here - if the projects are finished, they'll be entered. I'm sure they won't penalise me if I can't get something done but I'm keen to see what I can achieve in any case. Only myself to blame if I'm overcommitted here (overcommitted? me?? NEVER!!)

Stay tuned!

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