Tuesday, 26 October 2010

PANIC! Problems already?

Griselda has issues! Apparently folks who call me on the phone or who I call are unable to hear what I say and think it sounds like my voice is being fed through a scrambler as it comes out deep and unintelligible. It is also said to drop out although the bars tell me I have plenty of signal. Things are not good in device-land. Stay tuned as we work through this.
On a positive note, Cookie A's new book is available for purchase as a downloadable pdf file. As well, you get a discount on it if you pre-order the SIGNED hard-copy. Well! How could I refuse? The book contains many of her well-loved patterns like the Monkey (any sock knitters out there NOT done these? You can't be a sock knitter then. These are the viral knit of the sock world - seriously!) as well as newbies. These can all be purchased from her website as separate patterns but I reckon it's cheaper to buy the whole book and get all the words behind... Just sayin'!

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