Monday, 6 December 2010

The Run Down to Christmas

OMG! Less than 3 weeks to the dreaded Yuletide getmorepresentseatlotsafoodlayaroundanddonothing holiday period. Maybe you can tell that the only reason I like it at all is that it signals some time off?? I believe that the consumerfest that is Christmas is only truly fun when small (read: less than 5 years old) kids are involved. I really wouldn't mind not getting 'presents' but just seeing people and catching up. Taking some time to socialise and reclaim that side of life. You know? The side of life that gets trampled on while work and the whole 5 days a week rat race happens.

Anyhow, I have been progressing with things other than work - work which is currently marking time waiting for bean counters to release money to progress the project...- such as knitting and riding bicycles and such.
Presenting two shawls that were blocked this weekend, one a gift and the other for me.
The gift...

...and this for me which has been in my 'list of things to do' for some time.

Apart from these, I have two pairs of socks to finish - one pair a prize for a raffle run during the Relay for Life - and the other a trade for the spinning of a braid of nice BFL (blue faced leicester) fibre.  All good but now I want to do some more lace so I have caked some skeins of yarns ready and I hear their siren call every time I get close to them.  Oh woe!

On the cycling front, I finally managed to get together with BikeBoy following a 24 hour ride overnight last night and we cycled over to South Perth for tea.  I am now within a whisker of my 4000km for the year, a target I only reached on New Year's Eve last year by pedaling over to a friend's place for the evening.  And I have another three weeks to better it before commencing next year's total.  My buddy on will beat me this year unfortunately unless I can pull 1000km out of the bike between now and December 31.  I don't think so!

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