Saturday, 12 July 2008

Le Tour - deuxieme semaine

We join our intrepid knitter on her quest for le maillot vert as she steams ahead with the 24 centimetres de K2P2 rib - who picked this project anyway??? I hate ribbing, particularly K2P2. At the pub knit this afternoon, my fingers insisted on trying the staggered look, inserting the occasional K1P2 or even K1P1 (harder to spot the mistake on that). In spite of the ribbing, I have completed the sleeves and 23cm of the 24 required prior to changing needles and stitches. I figure that I should try to complete the back before the end of week 2 otherwise I won't have enough time to actually do the finishing. And as we know, the Tour is all about the finish! Just ask Cavendish.

Team Credit Agricole are at eleventh position (go team!) but my heart is still with Cadel. I note that Team Silence-Lotto is below TCA though.... I was trying not to look as the peleton went around that slick corner in Toulouse 'cause I could see that ending in a lot of tears. C'est la guerre! I console myself with the fact that after 24 cm of K2P2 rib, the whole back piece is only 56cm total. I'm almost halfway done with it when that's finished. Ha!
A la retour mes amis!

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knittingtastic said...

Fab yarn!! Stay in your saddle and keep pedalling - from Rachel (fellow Team C.A. member)