Sunday, 18 January 2009

Now for the real start to the year

Back at work this week and what a shock to the system that was! Body used to 9am wakeup now rudely awakened by loud alarm bells at 6.30am. Still going to bed at reasonable time for it (midnight) but the earlier start is wrecking the whole deal. Still we must work to replenish the Christmas depleted funds - moths are accumulating!

Following the destash of wardrobe, I intend to mostly knit out of yarn stash this year (no sniggering please). I have checked the queue on Ravelry against the stash - mostly on Ravelry but evenly scattered throughout Chez Harrow. I have yarn for pretty much all the projects I wish to do now and into the year 3000 should the regeneration of human bodies become a reality (come in Star Trek!)

The Great Lycra Clad Cycling One (aka Perry) is off to join his equally lycra clad friends in Victoria this week for the Alpine Classic - two more sleeps until fly time. So we have the Great Black Bike Carrier and its sidekicks, the large and capacious MacPack and smaller day pack lurking in the back room. The bike will be dismantled for its trip tomorrow evening I suspect whilst I join the Exomod knitters for an evening's coffee and chat. Don't really think I need to be there for that. Then it's a crack of dawn airport run with, hopefully no hitches involved (overweight luggage or "But we weren't expecting you with a bike Sir!" or any of those other airline-type excuses.)

I also need to share a strange tendency I developed over the holiday season. I attended the full Hopman Cup tennis series at the Burswood Dome and many of the very good matches went on until after midnight at which point I would pootle home on the bike - very nice early in the morning with the frogs croaking and no hoons to spoil the silence - or cadge a lift with friends who were passing my door on the way hopefully. I then would hop onto the computer, ostensibly to check mail but I managed to put my name down (apparently) for a bunch of Ravelry swap groups that I then had no recollection of in the light of day. Fascinating! Not that I will welch on any of these but I had messages coming from strangers wanting to tell me about themselves and asking questions about likes and dislikes and saying what fun we were going to have and all that sort of stuff. What the...!
So I have little boxes on the back room table - one for a monthly sock swap, another for a birthday swap and who knows what else will come up. I've got to get onto at least one pair of socks for the former and am planning to knit something for the latter. All good as I will get stuff in return I guess. For the birthday one which is Australian only, four parcels out and then four pressies in - all good!!

Meantime, I shall work on not casting on tooooo many things before I actually complete some of them. Bec and I decided we would have to publish a knitting book sometime soon but we were at The Balmoral when we decided this (there was also talk of a knitting shop somewhere in here...) so I'm not sure on the time frames. All sounded good when singing along to background music and laughing hysterically - just ask Bec! Anything sounds better than work though when work is looming dangerously close as it was last week. Now that it's a reality, everything else is a bit - background for now. But you never can tell............

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