Friday, 2 January 2009

Welcome to 2009!

Well who'd a thunk it?! Just when I was about to throw GT into the bin in disgust, I double-checked all the relevant bits, unchecked a box that I didn't tick in the first place and Georgie-too is purring like a kitten again. For those not in the know, Georgie-too (GT for short), is my PDA that last month made life less than wonderful. The good new coming out of all that is I have a new operating system and have reloaded all the programmes fresh so it's all squeaky clean. Haven't synchronised at work yet though so keep watching.

On the knitting front, I have finally finished my Landon by Jordana Paige. It was to have won me a nice new Rio bag (the link shows what Landon is supposed to look like with my bag) but somebody without a life finished it in 4 days - bugger!! I have since (obviously) slowed somewhat, revised the pattern and shortened it to suit me instead of a six foot person. It isn't blocked yet but you get the picture I think... There will be more and better pics on Ravelry and Flikr for those who care!

Moving on to this year's aims and targets - I refuse to do resolutions! - I hope to deal, at least in part, with my bower bird tendencies. I have this very day, recycled to the Salvos 6 bags (eeekkkk!!) of various fashion errors and past trends that no longer require space Chez Harrow. I am in the process of packing down the woollies from winter to put out what I have that is summer........and see what a disaster that was - but it doesn't look like I have touched what is there (woe is me!) It's been a while shall we say. It's also a wonder the wardrobe hasn't collapsed under the pressure.

I have discarded six pairs of shoes that really were past it (ie beyond repair) - but that makes room for the ones I bought at the sales - cute pink sandals that whispered, "Buy me!" when I walked into the shop.

Also looking forward to a bit more cycling fun. I managed to reached the heady levels of 3051 out of 8090 cyclists worldwide on bikejournal(dot)com so I was fairly pleased with my erstwhile tendencies as cycle commuter extraordinaire. I had aimed for 2750km for the year and scraped in with 2644km - a good effort in anyone's book. My husband not to be outdone, clocked 17,873.5km (yes, that's 17 thousand!) and was ranked 66th on the list. I think he has a bicycle saddle implanted because I don't think I saw him out of lycra in 2008. He assures me the challenge on km's was just last year and he won't be going all out in 2009. Stay tuned for that one!

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