Sunday, 8 March 2009

March update

Looking at the Blog and thinking I should feed it but what with? Having a bit of a ho hum kinda month so far. Hay fever has struck with a vengence and feeling like crap most mornings doesn't help the joie de vive at all. Motoring on with knitting projects as I have another swap to get going on and am making socks as fast as I can. Post date is supposed to be March 10 but as it's the 8th already, I'm going to miss that. I do have 2 socks you understand but they are missing feet - being only just turned heels-style socks. Major bummer!

On the positive side knitting is happening and both swap projects are out of stash and out of my Ravelry queue. The second project is supposed to be gone next week and needs legs, sewing and stuffing in parts before I can finish - oh! not to mention the back half of his body. Good grief! How did I get into this pickle? One answer - late nights after tennis going, "Oh! That sounds like fun! Think I can do that!" without adding up how much stuff and when they all had to be done. At least the Birthday Swap group I am in has no one with a birthday in March or April. I have breathing space!

This is good because I have several projects I wanted to do that are now hibernating for no good reason. My Tilli Tomas silk top with lace inserts for one. I did finish some lace though - a sanity knit this was the yarn from Secret Santa last year. Will talk again soon but leave you all with Laminaria Shawlette in Naturally Dawn a 50/50 merino-silk mix 2ply. Very nice!

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