Monday, 20 April 2009

Ridiculous quizzes...why do we go there?

And in the latest of quizzes you didn't need to take...

What would you taste like to a cannibal?

Created by Recipe Star

How long could you survive trapped inside your kitchen freezer?

Created by Recipe Star

I just don't think people have enough to do with their time but I was sucked in anyway. These ones are just so far left of centre. At least those quizzes in Glamour and Cleo and Cosmo told you how likely you were to get a date / keep the boy / shop yourself into a stupour / etc. All good and useful information.

On the real life front, I'm not sure I'd be putting myself in a situation where anyone would have to taste me or that I'd have to exist in my freezer for any length of time. I have far too much knitting and cycling and other s**t to get sorted to be bothered. Check out the WIPs over there on the left > I swear they're breeding. I no sooner start one than another crops up that absolutely, positively cannot wait to get on the needles. I think that's why I have so many straight needles. If I had discovered circulars - especially interchangeable circulars - earlier, I'd just have an excess of tips lying around. Instead I have fixed circulars, DPNs, all manner of lengths of straight needles.

Anyhow - I have actually finished a couple recently and have nearly clocked up 5km worth of knitting so far this year. That can't be bad. I'm also about to clock 5000km on my hybrid bike since its purchase in November 2007. If I could combine the two, I'd be in clover! See you next rant :)

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