Saturday, 16 February 2008

The KnitTrainExtravaganza

The Exomod Knitter's went for their very first KnitTrainExtravaganza today. And what a day it was. Much yarn (and fabric) was fondled and returned only to be glanced at and taken to the the lovely check out ladies of the day who were only too delighted to relieve their crecit cards of the required $$. Many of us stated that this was the final stash enhancement of the year (well, perhaps just the season? Whatever!) That remains to be seen.
The day commenced at 10am in Brew Ha in Subiaco with coffee and proceeded apace to Crossways. Following this, yarn was seen to be taken to an underground carpark out the back of Roberts Road - this does not bode well! We think an illegal yarn trade is commencing and IT WILL BE POLICED!
After a short train ride, Calico and Ivy was attacked with vigour and, despite the season and more hot and sticky weather still to come, a quilt left the premises firmly gripped in a knitter's hands. More yarn also escaped its shop-based captivity and the Knitter's went on to Fremantle and a well earned lunch at The Mill on Norfolk.
Yarns on Collie were the last in a line of LYS that received the brunt of furious shopping by the group who were last seen retreating to the safety of the Sail & Anchor for a cold drink and a quiet reflection on their day. Further expeditions of this type may be planned and yarn shop owners should be warned ahead that these frenzied purchasers of all things woolly are not to be stopped by mere dodgy price labels or the lack thereof!


Michelle said...

oh yes. attack! attack!
Man, that was fun!

Clementine said...

I will be a bit more organised (or less busy) next time I'm in Perth- this sounds like so much fun! Now, what did you buy?!

Michelle said...

If you check out Craftyaction, you will see that I bought ginormous needles, 18mm to be exact. As well, sock yarn, sparkly yarn and Jo Sharp tweedy electric blue yarn.