Friday, 15 February 2008

Ravelry has me in its spell!

It appears I have a problem which I had all along but had never quite quantified. Knitting books are taking over my life along with yarn, needles, crochet hooks and other extraneous knitting (and crochet) paraphenalia. You only have to visit my workbook on Ravelry to see the evidence. It is, in some ways, sad. And yet, I am not concerned as I have always enjoyed knitting it has just gone a bit "full steam ahead" of late. If nothing else, I have identified some projects to finish and some that should never have started (and will never be seen other than by me, you fools!)

I'm gradually getting the hand of the web thing - not being quite of the blog generation it takes some time. Oskar thinks it's all a bit ho hum and wanted to assist me in photographing my soon to be finished 10 year old UFO - but you get that. He's the yarn cat and Lucy is the (straight) knitting needles cat - she can watch and pat the ends all day!
I will have to be careful now I have Ravelry access that the cats and computer don't totally eat my time though. I could end up being a knitter who only ever talks about knitting and never again knits - a common problem I think!

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