Thursday, 21 February 2008

Bears are taking over my house!

The above said frequently by "'im indoors" when traversing said house from front door to rear. The only rooms uninhabited by bears are the bathroom (that's the one with the bath) and the bog or dunny (that's the one our US friends know as the bathroom). I suspect the only reason for this is that the bears usually s**t in the woods and have other more environmentally friendly ways of making themselves smell better in a beary kind of way. Who knows? I've just never seen them in there.

They do however like to hang around the craft areas and tie my knitting yarns in knots. They are constantly hiding my favourite circulars in strange and unusual places too. I shall take the furry devils in hand and deal with some of their more troublesome habits. I am threatening - somewhat unsuccessfully - to thin their numbers however they still multiply, seemingly overnight. Any suggestions for curtailing these nocturnal activities can be addressed here. Their leader, one GWB (the Great White as he is also known) appears to be the ringleader and I am attempting to cultivate his aquaintance. Stay tuned!

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